We are Alberto Martín and David del Campo, two good friends with long professional careers as photographers who have made use of photography as an engine of personal and social change. We go from telling stories from our point of view to using our system to let protagonists speak to us, deciding what they want to say and how.

Using our knowledge as photographers, we studied and researched for a more authentic and integrated form of artistic expression. Using different projects on participatory photography, we have worked with groups ranging from young people disengaged from armed groups in Colombia, to people with functional diversity in Barcelona. We have been part of a social theatre company and taken part in postgraduate degrees in Sensory Language and Poetics of the Game, and have experience in tools such as the Theatre of the Oppressed, art therapy and the clown.

We know these techniques and tools have much to contribute when we use them with participatory photography for social transformation.

With this desire to transform, communicate and create, El Catalejo is born.