In El Catalejo we know that the differences between people can be natural, positive and enriching. As each person and group is unique, each workshop is also unique. That is why we design the workshops for each group, according to their particularities and wishes.

Our workshops are ideal for associations, public and private centres, foundations, NGOs and companies with a wish to explore, enjoy, and express themselves through photography.

With workshops of different durations we offer from an introduction to the expressive possibilities of the camera, to an in-depth accompaniment in the creation of a personal project.

  • LA LUPA We want the participants to discover the expressive possibilities of photography. Through games and group dynamics, we will explore the capabilities and dreams of the group. Then we’ll build a mural that reflects this.
  • LOS ANTEOJOS We will investigate the dynamics of work, experiment with editing and talk about what the images say to us. Then we will look at the best ways to use them to make our voices heard.
  • EL TELESCOPIO We’ll go with the participants on a journey of self-knowledge and free expression through photography. We use cameras, theatre dynamics and other areas of art to find out what they want to say. We help deepen the message and show the best ways to make it reach society. An exhibition, printed publications and digital media are effective options.

If you prefer, we can adapt any workshop to the duration you need. Tell us what workshop you want!